What are the responsibilities of a Husbands According to Online Holy Quran Teaching

What are a Husband’s Responsibilities?

The Online Holy Quran Teaching states that, One of the most loving relationships on the planet is that between a spouse and a husband. Couples of opposite genders live their lives together and remain together through all of life’s peaks and valleys. This type of relationship, however, can only help you live a fulfilling life if both parties are aware of their obligations and rights. If one of them violates the basic rights of the other, the relationship may be terminated. The rights and obligations of each partner (particularly husbands) are clearly outlined in the Quran. You could even learn about these rights by studying the Online Holy Quran Teaching on the internet.

The gender roles of men and women are a hot topic in today’s society. It is frequently the subject of heated debates. Women believe men want to rule them, even as they complain about women’s sexism. This is because we have forgotten our faith-based teachings. Islam clearly defines each partner’s rights and responsibilities. If both partners follow these guidelines, they will be able to live a happy life. Islam has always prioritised harmonious relationships between men and women.


The incongruity of husbands’ relationships software with their wives is one of the primary causes of an imbalanced relationship. The vast majority of the time, men try to dominate. Some achieve their goals, while others face repercussions that can destroy families. This is why husbands must be aware of their responsibilities. If they do their job correctly, they will be the ideal couple. Let us begin with the duties of a husband as described in the Quran.


What exactly is Nafkah in Islam?

Before we get into the meat of the matter, it’s important to understand what the word means. It is important to understand that the word Nafkah (also known as Nafaqah) appears frequently in the Quran. As a result, you must understand what that word means Online Holy Quran Teaching.


Nafaqah is an Arabic term that refers to the financial support that a husband must provide to his wife after marriage and also during divorce. In Islam, it is the husband’s responsibility to provide food, clothing, and shelter for his wife. Furthermore, when the marriage ends and the husband must divorce his spouse, the same method of support applies. Following the divorce, the husband must support his wife for three months. There is no cap on the amount. It is dependent on the spouse’s financial situation.


Cultural values are given more weight than religious doctrines due to social pressure or social norms. Many husbands are unaware of their responsibilities to their wives. So, let us look at what the Quran says about a husband’s behaviour toward his wife.


The Family protects The Family.

Both genders are analogous to the steering wheel of a car. They must be coordinated in order to function properly and smoothly. The vehicle becomes unbalanced if one of the wheels does not cooperate with the other. There is, however, a distinction between the two partners’ roles. In some cases, the wife is given authority, whereas in others, the husband is in charge of these matters Online Holy Quran Teaching.


In the same way, men are designated as family protectors in terms of family security. It is the man’s obligation to protect the dignity and honour that his loved ones enjoy. The husband has a responsibility to protect his family. In the Holy Quran, Allah declares:

“Men have the responsibility of being the backbones of women because Allah has given some women an advantage over others…” [Verse 34 of Surah Al Nisa].


The Financial Responsibilities of the Husband

While it is not unusual for a woman to work to assist her husband with financial issues, it is not her obligation. Women are not prohibited from working in Islam. It’s entirely up to them. Males, on the other hand, are assigned the responsibility of providing financial support Online Quran Tutors by Rate for their family. There are three major categories of financial assistance.


Dowry (Mahr): Dowry (also spelled Mahr) is the amount a wife can receive from her husband upon marriage. It is not always centred on money. Mahr can take any form, including money, a car, a house, or even something as small as an article. After they marry, the




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