Ultimate Guide: How to rent Mercedes in Dubai for the holidays?

Everyone wants to enjoy a good, lavish, and amazing life. Your holidays are not complete until you visit Dubai and enjoy the luxurious amenities. The city offers many things and activities that will make your trip an adventurous and memorable one. There are endless options available for you to make your trip to Dubai more interesting and memorable for you. Dubai is a land of beaches, tall buildings, resorts, artificial islands, and breathtaking sceneries. The cold air in the deserts at night will make you feel relaxed. If you don’t plan your vacations to Dubai, then do you even think that you would have any holidays in your life? This city would provide you with lavish and luxurious things and its cars are one of them and driving these cars will be comfortable for you, rent Mercedes in Dubai.

Now, just imagine you visit Dubai, but couldn’t have a ride in the exotic and premium cars, only a fool can miss this opportunity. One of the best options is to rent Mercedes in Dubai for traveling in the city.

rent mercedes in dubai

Rental Process to Rent Mercedes in Dubai:

There is not a hard and fast rule to apply at a car rental service. You just have to fulfill the formalities on their website. Some certain requirements have to be met by an individual:

Legal Age to Drive a Vehicle:

The foremost thing needs to be clear is the age criteria of renting an exotic vehicle like Mercedes. Your minimum age must be 18 to drive any vehicle in other parts of the world, but in Dubai, you will somehow observe different criteria. The minimum age requirement is 21 years old if you are going to rent a luxury car. A teenage person can’t handle a Mercedes  easily. If you have prepared your mind to rent a luxury automobile like Mercedes Benz, then always ensure that you are up to the requirements for it.

Essential Documents:

The next requirement to be met is to have the essential documents when you are renting a luxury car. It is an important part of the car rental process to provide the company with documents that are required by them to rent a car:


  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Visa

And in case, you live in the UAE and resident of the city, then the company needs from you some additional documents that are mentioned below:

  • Driving License of UAE
  • Emirates ID


When you complete the documentation, then you can rent a lavish car like Mercedes from any car rental agency in Dubai.

mercedes rental in dubai

Rent Mercedes-Benz from a Car Rental Company:

Now, it comes to the vehicle that you want to rent for your vacations and if you want to have a luxury and premium car, then the Mercedes will be the perfect choice to opt for. Mercedes is one well-known company that has a luxurious and exotic collection of world-known models ranging from Sedans to Coupes. The parts of the Mercedes prove this well that traveling in it will pay you back. You would grab this opportunity to travel in a lavish model of Mercedes that provides you with an automatic drive. The stylish body style of Mercedes attracts people towards it. The rear defrosts and power windows are some of the features that provide you with a good option to just click on a single button.

The legion and innumerable properties and features that this vehicle has are as follows:

  • Cruise Control
  • Control of Steering Wheels
  • Remote Trunk Release
  • Power Mirrors
  • Back-Up Camera
  • Keyless Start
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel
  • Vehicle Anti-Theft System
  • Rain Sensing Wipers

These are some of the features that are present in the Mercedes that are perfect to rent from a luxury car rental service. Grab this opportunity to make your vacation in Dubai an indelible one.

Select a Car Rental Company:

Some important questions arise in the mind of the person when he is going to select a car rental service. Some of the questions are mentioned below:


  • How to select a car rental service according to your requirements?
  • Is this service authentic and reliable?
  • Will they be up to the standards?


Well, these are some of the queries that come into the mind of a person when he selects a company for renting a car. The online reviews that are present on the website of the company can be of great assistance. For better understanding, you can check their social media pages, so that you will have a confirmation about the authentication of services. Moreover, you can also ask for referrals from your family, friends, or anyone else in your surroundings. If the prior clients are satisfied and happy with their services, then you will also be glad to have them.

mercedes for rent in dubai


RentMyRide provides a person with the opportunity to ride in extravagant and elegant vehicles like Mercedes and many others. So, if you are going to visit Dubai for your upcoming vacations, then renting a car from them will be a great chance to add up the adventure in your trip. So, rent Mercedes in Dubai and enhance your traveling experience.

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olivia martin

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