Five Fascinating Wedding Traditions All Americans Need to Know

When you are getting married in America, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. This is a diverse country with so many cultures, traditions and communities. So, obviously, every community has a different set of wedding traditions. But if you are an American couple and all set to tie the knot this season, then you need to know about the most popular traditions of fascinating weddings that are there.

Wedding Traditions You Can Witness at Wedding Venues in Houston TX

From the elaborate weddings of movies like Wedding Date, 27 Dresses or Bride Wars to the pop culture TV series like Friends, Grey’s Anatomy or the recent Emmy Winner series Schitt’s Creek, weddings are always special. This is not just the union of two hearts and souls but the perfect place where you can witness some of the amazing traditions that are an essential and integral part of American life.

So, if you are planning your wedding and booking one of the best wedding venues in Houston TX, you need to take a look at the following traditions that you will have to follow.

  • A White Wedding Dress

Do you remember how Monica from Friends has always imagined how beautiful her wedding dress will be and how amazing she will look in it? Or in 27 Dresses, how Jane has always dreamt to get married in her mom’s dreamy white wedding dress before her sister practically destroyed it? Well, they say, girls dream of their wedding dresses even before they find the man they want to marry. The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress dates back to 1800 when Queen Victoria in England wore a dress made of British silk and lace. Since then, brides in the west have always dreamt of getting hitched in white.

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  • The Wedding Party

While the job of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are to help the bride and the groom to get ready, to have the bachelor or bachelorette party, to hold the bouquet or the ring, but there is another significance of them too. The tradition says that bridesmaids dress in similar colors of dresses to confuse the evil energy so that the happy couple remains happy always. We won’t know if that is true, but surely, when you are planning the event at a wedding reception venue, you choose the spots where the bridesmaids and the groomsmen will be standing.

  • The Wedding Processional

The wedding party and the bride walking down the aisle is probably the most special moment of the wedding. This is a popular tradition too. First comes the one who would officiate the wedding walk and then he or she will be followed by a wedding party, the flower girl and the ring bearer. And finally, the bride with the one, mostly her father, to give her away. This is a beautiful tradition and a very significant one. Needless to say, the aisle will have to look gorgeous to make it dreamy. Affordable wedding venues in Houston have decorators who can take care of this in just the way the couple wants.

  • The First Dance

The first dance of the couple is often the most anticipated moment of the wedding. The couple comes on the dance floor. They can dance at slow romantic music or they can kick off the celebration with a choreographed routine. This tradition is inspired by the custom of the ball in 1700 where noblemen would throw a ball in some duke’s or king’s honor and the duke or the king would have the first dance to start the celebration. Now, the newly wedded couple gets the honor. DJs at the reception halls in Houston prepare the playlist for this dance party.

Wedding Dance Party

  • The Wedding Cake

In ancient Rome, the guests were supposed to crumble a barley cake on the bride to symbolize fertility and good fortune. That tradition has shaped the custom of having a wedding cake. However, with time, it has changed and now, a wedding cake is surely a focal point as well as the sweet something to share in the happy ceremony.

Follow these traditions and make your wedding the most memorable and fascinating event of your life.

Eric Torres

Eric Torres

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